Cooling Systems

Central Cooling - Ventilation Systems

The cold water obtained from a central cold water generator (Chiller) is conveyed to the different places and floors through pipes and the heat is transferred from the heat exchangers (fan-coils) and heat from the area. At the same time, if the system is to be ventilated, the cold air taken from the cold water generator is passed through the air plants and the fresh air is taken. All kinds of cooling groups required for the central system fan-coil fresh air plants (including hygienic plants) All kinds of piping air ducts manufacturing and installation all kinds of grille diffuser and hepa filter applications operating room Laminar-Flow applications.

Individual Cooling - Ventilation Systems

Delivery of refrigerated and dehumidified air produced in an individual channel split air conditioner to different places of workplaces and offices by means of channels and culverts. All kinds of duct type split air conditioners required for individual cooling ventilation systems (type of roof type ceiling type etc.) All kinds of duct manufacturing and applications All sizes and shapes of grilles are supplied and assembled, exhaust and fresh air fans are provided. .

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